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AGA Dual Control 3-Oven All Electric

AGA Dual Control 3-Oven All Electric

AGA Dual Control 3-Oven All Electric

  • Brand:
    • Model:

    • Special Burner:Wok
      Type of Burners:Smooth Glass ... see more

    Quick Specs:
    : 20 inch
    : Freestanding
    : Manual Clean
    : Smooth Glass
    : Wok
    Description: Proudly 100% AGA - Up to 30% the Running CostsTraditional AGA Cooker owners regularly express their love and devotion for their AGA! It is no doubt the AGA's radiant heat, constant warmth and dependability is a welcoming addition to their home. But what do you do if your AGA requires shutting off during the warmer months or when less cooking is required? Ever wish you could operate the hotplates separate from the ovens?The new generation of AGA cast iron ranges give versatility without sacrificing a long standing heritage of quality craftsmanship. The new Electric AGA Dual Control range offers cast iron radiant heat and now has the ability to turn the ovens off all the while enjoying the use of your hotplates. Even better, each hotplate operates independently or simultaneously with a simple turn of a dial.
    Special Burner Wok
    Style Freestanding
    Type of Burners Smooth Glass
    Type Of Cleaning Manual Clean
    Width 20 inch

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