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Refrigerator Measurements

Refrigerator Measurements

When choosing a new refrigerator, there are many measurements that must be taken to make sure we have the correct fit. Most refrigerators are bigger than what they used to be so getting the correct measurements is more important than ever. Here are a few things to measure and things to do prior to recieving/buying your brand new refrigerator:

1) Measure the door where the refrigerator will come into the house. This is usually the front door but it can also be sliding doors, back doors, etc.

2)Measure any doorway or hallway it must go through. For doorways, measure jamb to jamb. For hallways make sure to take into account any door handles or anything else that may stick out. Sometime doors will need to be removed to fit your new refrigerator.

3) Measure the space where the refrigerator will go (Height, Width, and Depth). For the height, measure each side from the floor to under the cabinet. Sometimes floors can be slightly off and the measurements will not be exactly the same. For the width, measure from a countertop or wall to the adjacent wall taking into account any molding or trim on the floor. For depth, measure any walls it sits next to and make sure you have enough clearance to any island. IF you are against a wall, be sure to tell your salesman because it may interfere with the opening of the refrigerator door(s). 

4)Before delivery, move any obstacles (furniture, boxes, etc.). Make sure there is a clear path to the place where the refrigerator will go. 

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