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Wall Oven Install

Wall Oven Install

Wall ovens can be tricky to measure but we provided a breakdown of what needs to be done:

1) Remove any screws holding the wall oven in place. Most times they are on the left and right of the oven cavity although sometimes they are on the face of the cabinet or even above the control panel (usually hidden behind a trim piece).

2) Pull the wall oven out an inch or two from the cabinet. Just enough to see the cutout and get an accurate measurement with a measuring tape. 

3) Measure the width and height of the CUTOUT (not the actual wall oven). Then measure the depth if possible. If this is not possible you can measure the outside of the cabinet. It should be around 24". 

4) Push the wall oven back in and put the screws back in to hold it in place.

5) Give your measurements to one of our salesman and we would be glad to help you find your brand new wall oven!

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